“I do it all better”

“I was also at the exhibition of prominent French artists Bonnard Picasso Matisse etc. and noted much to my satisfaction that I do it all better.”

Max Beckmann, letter to his wife Quappi Beckmann, 28 Jul 1925

Self-portrait, from around the same time (this is hung at the Harvard Art Museum and is well worth a trip if you’re on campus)

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One thought on ““I do it all better”

  1. Sam Hopkins says:

    Max Beckmann is terrific and should be as well known as Picasso, etc. I love this self portrait in particular. In fact, I have a friend who grew up in Cambridge, and apparently when he was a kid and saw this painting, it terrified him and he literally ran out of the museum. It was fun to go back to the Harvard Art Museum and see it again with him, after the HAM had been closed for many years.

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