A farewell to Tab

Another part of my childhood gone: I learned today that Coca-Cola discontinued Tab at the end of last year. This is middle age, to feel a loose kind of sorrow at the demise of things you didn’t even like.

3 thoughts on “A farewell to Tab

  1. Allen Knutson says:

    Yuck. It seems that the equally vile Cactus Cooler is still slightly available.
    A memorable Tab ad:

  2. cola wars veteran says:

    The Tab bikini-model-walking-on-beach ad (and, unfortunately, its irritating jingle) is memorable to men of a certain generation in a way similar to instantly historic events of the same era (say, the first space Shuttle explosion) — we know exactly where we were when we first saw it. I don’t know if it was the first bikini ad on national prime time television, but it was more blatantly provocative than anything else I can remember from those times.

  3. Richard Séguin says:

    I watched that wretched Tab commercial (this is where some people want to drive us back to folks!) and then YouTube recommended this documentary of Linda Ronstadt, someone who began her singing career in the 60s when I came of age, and who had a long successful career doing things her way within a very sexist music business. She was very talented and a decent human being. Sadly, she eventually lost her singing voice to a form of Parkinson’s. She still speaks though, and narrates a little in this documentary. It might be worth the watch.

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