Sky Carp

The former Beloit Snappers, the high-A farm team of the Miami Marlins, are now the Beloit Sky Carp, and they play in a brand new park, ABC Supply Stadium, naming rights courtesy of Diane Hendrick’s massive Beloit-based roofing supply company. Why Sky Carp? Apparently it is a slang term for a goose. Not in my circles. I assumed the strange name was to provide a kind of uniformity among the Marlins’ farm teams, which are all named after sea creatures of some kind. But, as CJ points out, a snapper is a fish too!

I really like minor league ball, even though on the night we saw the Sky Carp edge the West Michigan Whitecaps, there weren’t really any big-time prospects on the field. Maybe the biggest was Trei Cruz, named Trei because he’s the son of Jose Cruz Jr. who was the son of Jose Cruz Sr. (Should the oldest Cruz have been a Hall of Famer? I’m not sure, but he should have gotten more than 0.4% of the vote and an early exit on his first ballot.) The youngest Cruz made two extremely nifty, almost to the point of showoffy, plays at short and drew a walk in a tough spot. I think there was an attempted steal of home in this game but I was getting a bison-elk dog and I only saw the end of the play.

A fun and cheap night out. Beloit is only an hour’s drive from Madison, and the stadium is a short walk to the historic downtown. Cities like Beloit work hard to give people reasons to travel there and the Sky Carp are a pretty good reason.

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2 thoughts on “Sky Carp

  1. Tara Ellenberg says:

    Hi! My name is Tara Ellenberg (note the ‘Ellenberg,’ it will be referenced frequently :)). I’ve read most of your books over the years, but I never considered that we might be related. Strangely enough, I only had the thought when I found out that you got an MFA in creative writing (nice!). A mathematician with an MFA! I’m the farthest person there ever was from a genius, but I too pursued (have a degree in) mathematics and am now preparing to get my MFA in creative writing! Is it a coincidence that we share the same last name in addition to these factors? Very very likely yes, it is. But still, pretty cool! I’m glad to share the same last name with such a fantastic author and all around brilliant person. Per this particular post–unfortunately, I myself don’t care much for baseball; but my brother and father, who are also Ellenbergs, very much do!

  2. JSE says:

    If you’re wondering whether we’re related, this post might help!

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