I’m a math professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The purpose of this blog is to record interesting things I read, see, eat, hear, or otherwise encounter. My professional page is here.  I wrote a novel called The Grasshopper King , which was published in 2003 by Coffee House Press.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Emmanuel Kowalski says:

    Hello !

  2. John Baez says:

    This would be a reasonable place to say what “Quomodcocumque” means, unless you want to make us work.

  3. Clark says:

    The meaning is roughly that of the colloquial ” Whatever ” .

  4. I have just read your -1/12 article — that is the name I have assigned to it — and it may be the best piece of popular mathematical exposition I have read in my 62.92060 years on the 3rd planet.

    The article is particularly pleasing to me because I have been following the recent -1/12 controversy on YouTube. It is a doozy, setting wonderful bait for future mathematicians and enthusiasts.

    Thank you!

  5. Dan Sutton says:

    You are NOT correct in assuming that you are entitled to simply post MP3’s from Winded or Dreamboat. I am the owner of Cassiel, and given that I have had people ask over the years if they can do stuff like this and always said ‘yes,’ wish you had made the very minimal to first google my name, reach out, and get the (legally required) permission.

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