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Chazen 1934

Gold Is Where You Find It by Tyrone Comfort

[photo by flickr user Chris Tank]

CJ and I went to the superb 1934: A New Deal for Artists show at the Chazen this weekend.  Highly recommended if you like American representational painting from the first half of the 20th century at all, or you have an inquisitive kid who likes to see what the world used to look like, or both.  Very good, historically informative title cards, too!  The best special exhibition we’ve seen there, I think.

A couple of good new pieces in the permanent contemporary collection upstairs, too:  a new Beth Cavener Stichter, this one a deer’s body with a rabbit face turned toward the viewer in an unimpressed way, and a funny Gregory Scott painting/movie about Roy Lichtenstein, which you can watch on vimeo:


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