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The [Viennagram:]

We just came back from Mrs. Q.’s cousin’s bar mitzvah in my ancestral home of Montgomery County, Maryland. There I learned that Mrs. Q’s cousin (not the bar mitzvah, another cousin. There are a lot of cousins) has moved from Lakeville, MA to Providence to try and make it in the world of dissonant, brass-driven avant-garde rock music with his band The [Viennagram:]. And I think they might make it! This is great stuff, with a kind of extraterrestrial 1940s sound, and a lot of chanting. The only thing I can really compare them to is the geniuses of Man Man (deliverers of the best Madison rock show of 2007.)

Coincidentally, I also have cousins in Lakeville, and one of them also decided to make it as a rock star, and is now reasonably famous, most recently playing bass behind Natalie Merchant for six shows last month in New York.

Watch The [Viennagram:] play an outdoor show while being pelted by, and eventually repelting, rotten fruit:

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