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In which Tucson, AZ is the miniature golf capital of these United States

At least that’s how I felt as a kid, when every visit here included a trip to Green Acres or Magic Carpet.  Miniature golf courses are just bigger and better and awesomer here than anywhere else.  Today I took CJ to Golf n Stuff, where they not only have a solid golf course but go-carts, a batting cage, and bumper boats.  You might think bumper boats would just be a slower, less fun version of bumper cars.  But you would quickly change your tune when I told you that bumper boats have water cannons mounted on them.

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Things I now know how to do: signal apology from inside a car

I mentioned a couple of months ago I didn’t know how to convey the sentiment “I’m sorry” while driving.  Why didn’t I think of this? (via MetaFilter.)

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