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Oliver and Olivia

A couple of years ago I was surprised to learn that the most popular boy’s and girl’s name in Germany were Leon and Leonie, respectively.  I thought it was weird that the leading names of each gender would be cognate.  But per the NameVoyager blog, last year’s top names in Britain were Oliver and Olivia.


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In which I like a bit of hip-hop vernacular as much as the next man

IMG_0148Home from the UK.  I like reading the British newspaper for the pleasure of encountering sentences that read, to my American ear, like something an American would write in an attempt to sound droll and British.  Two from yesterday’s Evening Standard:

“Olympia Haralambous, 16, scored 10 A* grades despite being hit in the head with a rounders bat the day before her first exam.”

“I like a bit of hip-hop vernacular as much as the next man.”

These are funniest when read aloud in a plummy British newsreader accent.

I was also going to compliment the United Kingdom on the ready availability of steak-flavored potato chips, except that as it turns out these tasted nothing at all like steak.

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