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What I ate in Toronto

A hamburger, black sesame gelato, breakfast (incl. baked beans) at a diner from the 1940s, hand-pulled noodles, poutine.

Update:  “Related posts” reminds me that the last time I went to a conference in Toronto, I learned a lot of interesting math from Julia Wolf, and the same was true this time!

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Counting Canadians

Canada’s chief statistician resigned last month in protest of the government’s decision to replace the long-form census questionnaire, previously mandatory for 20 percent of the population, with a voluntary version.   I imagine the point is that a voluntary questionnaire can’t possibly be delivering anything like a random sample of the population, though the linked article doesn’t make the statistical issues very clear.  The new head census-taker says the voluntary survey will be “usable and useful” but not comparable to the previous census.   Do I have any Canadian readers who can explain to me why the government thought this was a good idea?

And for Americans:  did you know that the response rate for the Canadian census is 96%?  Whoa.

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Horrible orange

While I was pumping gas yesterday I was thinking about the words “horrible” and “orange” — the way that one can pronounce the “or” as “ahr” if you are trying to manage a Long Island ethnic shtick. Then I tried to come up with other words of this kind, and failed. Of course, Wikipedia helped me. (Scroll down to “Historic ‘short o’ before intervocalic r.”) What’s interesting here is that Long Islanders agree with the British and the Canadians that “horrible” and “orange” have the same accented vowel as “borrow” and “sorry.” But they disagree about what the vowel is. So it’s actually my dialect — the standard American one — which is inconsistent on this point. I’ll never make fun of Long Island again.

OK, fine, I will, but not for that.

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