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Is there a Philly title drought?

If the Phillies win tonight, they’ll bring the city of Philadelphia its first championship in a major sport since the Sixers won the NBA finals in 1983.

Is 25 years really a long time to wait? Philadelphia is the eighth largest Combined Statistical Area in the U.S. No larger CSA has waited nearly so long; the closest is San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose, which hasn’t had a champion since the 1990 49ers. But go down the list a little and you find some sorrier stories. Seattle is the 12th largest CSA, about 2/3 as big as Philadelphia. Their last — and only! — champion was the 1979 Seattle SuperSonics. Go down to #15 and you’re at Cleveland, a pretty big city with a long sports history and a devoted fan base, which hasn’t seen a championship of any kind since the 1948 Indians won the World Series.

So stop crying, Philadelphia. When Rocky Colavito curses you, you stay cursed.

Update: See comments for some corrections to my hurriedly compiled statistics.

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