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Dolores O’Riordan, singer in the Cranberries, died today.  In the fall of 1993 I was living in an apartment by myself for the first time, the Baltimorean on N. Charles Street.  I was devoting myself full-time to being a writer and kind of hating it.  I didn’t know anyone in Baltimore and the people in my program were mostly older than me and socially inaccessible and I was lonely.   The apartment was always too hot.  I ate spaghetti with jar sauce for dinner by myself and listened to “Linger.”  It’s still the sound of loneliness to me, after all these years.


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Post-colonial agriculture

I didn’t know that lots of commercial crops are pollinated by giant trucked-in hives of honeybees.  I also didn’t know that these hives are being decimated by Colony Collapse Disorder, which is Science for “the hive’s empty except for the queen, there’s no dead bees around, we basically don’t know what’s going on.”  UW researchers are studying the Wisconsin cranberry crop, assessing the feasibility of going back to native pollinators like bumblebees, squash bees, and leaf-cutter bees.  I hope the work will be done in time to save CranFest!

Leaf-cutter bee

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