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The best breakfast sandwich in Madison is the Breakfast Ricardo at Cafe Cortadito

Brand new at 418 E. Wilson, sharing space with the Cardinal bar.  Madison has not had a really good Cuban sandwich the whole time I’ve lived here; this seems very likely to have changed, if the Breakfast Ricardo at Cortadito is any indication; it’s a lot like a cubano, except it’s on a round Cuban sweet roll instead of grilled bread, and there’s an egg on it.  It is worth a special trip.

Cortadito is still working out some kinks; my croquettes were cold in the middle, and the kitchen forgot the guava pastelito I ordered with my sandwich.  I was going to comment that the fried plantains were more like potato chips than the dark, sweet long-cut plantains I was expecting, but it turns out that’s just the difference between tostones and maduros, and both are totally reasonable interpretations of “fried plantains.”

But who cares about that because as I mentioned this is the best breakfast sandwich in the city.


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