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Up yours, Cook’s Illustrated

1.  For signing me up for a “preview” program when I ordered one of your books — no doubt because I neglected to toggle a checkmark in some tiny opt-out box on your website, thereby “signing up” for this “service” — and then sending me a new book, which I have to mail back if I don’t want to pay you for it.

2.  For including an invoice that says I have to pay for the return postage, not revealing until I called to complain that I can print out a postage-paid label from your website.

I’m going to the post office now with their book and their label to mail this back.  A person more vindictive than I would include a brick.

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I can help you

Working this morning at the new Pascual’s in Hilldale Mall. Yet another pleasant Near West spot to enjoy free wi-fi, free parking, and good coffee. The manager just answered the phone: “Thank you for calling Pascual’s at Hilldale, this is M___; I can help you.”

I like this new can-do spirit. Much better than the old, tentative, “Can I help you?” Though I will be sorry if the wonderfully compressed “Can I help who’s next?” gets retired.

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