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David Lynch/parenting protip

Don’t watch “Inland Empire” while holding your baby.  Your baby won’t mind, but if you watch a David Lynch movie for ten minutes and then look down at your baby, your baby’s face will freak you out.

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I read the bulk of Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 in late December, the last time the stomach flu rampaged through my house.  It’s a very good book to read in the middle of the night when you’re not sure whether or not you’re going to throw up.  The landscapes in the book — like the bathroom at 3am — are very brightly lit and clear, but also unsettlingly shifty.

(The last time I had food poisoning was in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve 1994, and I was reading Pale Fire; also entirely appropriate to the occasion, and in much the same way.)

The reason I bought 2666 wasn’t because I knew I was getting stomach flu, but because of my occasional worry that I’m too old to experience a new novel as a masterpiece. Rather: most of the time think I’m too old to experience a new novel as a masterpiece, and occasionally I consider this cause for worry.   And when that happens I buy and read the acknowledged masterpiece of the moment, to see if I can get those bumpers to light up one more time.

No lights this time.  But I was glad to have read this big, nauseous book.  Some comments below the fold — don’t proceed if (like me) you try to avoid prior knowledge of books you plan to read.

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