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Squeeze! Squeeze!

I hope the world never runs out of awesome Earl Weaver stories.

I saw Earl Weaver put on a suicide squeeze bunt, in Milwaukee. It worked. Everybody asked him, ‘Wait, we thought you told us you didn’t even have a sign for a suicide squeeze, because you hated it so much.’ Earl said, ‘I still don’t.’ I asked him, ‘How did you put it on then?’ He said, ‘I whistled at Cal Ripken, Sr., my third base coach. Then I shouted at him, ‘Squeeze! Squeeze! Then I motioned a bunt.’ I said, ‘Paul Molitor was playing third. Didn’t he hear you?’ Earl said, ‘If he did, I’m sure he thought there was no way we were putting it on, or I wouldn’t have been yelling for it.’

This is from the Fangraphs interview with the greatest announcer of our time, Jon Miller. His memoir, Confessions of a Baseball Purist, is full of great stuff like this. I didn’t know until just this second that it had been reissued by Johns Hopkins University Press.

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As you know, I love ’80s videos and I love the Orioles, so obviously I have no choice but to post this fantastic shot-from-the-stands video of Earl Weaver coming out to argue a call, getting ejected, and then sticking around to cuss out the ump for three full minutes.

Thanks to the miracle of Google News Archive (searching for ‘”Earl Weaver” ejected’ in the early 1980s, then scanning for Tigers games) and baseball-reference.com (which will show you the O’s entire 1980 schedule, making it easy to see when they faced the Tigers at home with Mike Flanagan on the mound) I can tell you that this is September 17, 1980, top of the first inning, and that Weaver is arguing with first base umpire Bill Haller about a balk call on Flanagan that moved Alan Trammell to second base. The Orioles end up winning 9-3.

I dreamed about the Orioles the other night. I was taking CJ to his first game. We were playing the Yankees. We had very cheap seats in a sparsely populated part of the upper deck on the first-base side; when a foul ball came our way I was the only one scrambling for it, and I brought it back for CJ.

Pretty mundane dream, right? But I should also add that the pitcher for the Yankees was an overweight man in a dress. And in the middle of an at-bat the other Yankee players rushed in, hoisted him up on their shoulders, and carried him off the field; this was ruled a balk and the runner on third scored. Later the pitcher appeared in our row of the stands. At this close distance, I could see that his makeup needed serious work.

Anyway, here’s Earl. If you’re at work, you might want to turn the sound down first.

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