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Green eggs

We don’t eat ham in our house, but CJ got excited about having green eggs anyway.  We had them for lunch today.  And this is how you make them:  get the blender out and puree a bunch of peas, a handful of basil, and some grated parmesan or what have you.  (I used Farmer John’s excellent asiago.)   Put in a little half and half if you swing that way.  You will get something very green.  Mix the greenness with eggs and scramble up as desired.

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Cinnamon garlic eggs

CJ wanted scrambled eggs for lunch today.  While we were making them he said he thought they needed some spices.  But which ones?  He went over to the cabinet and picked out some cinnamon (“because that will make the eggs really sweet.”)  Then he dithered a bit between dried dill and garlic powder, but decided on the latter (“because that will give the eggs a nice spice.”)  A little black pepper, too, as usual.

And you know what?  Cinnamon garlic eggs are awesome. Per Google we are the first people ever to make them.  Don’t let us be the last!

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