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All the unreleased Prickly songs I have

I’ve written here before about one of my favorite bands, Prickly, who played jaunty, noisy, insistent pop songs for about three glorious years of the middle 90s in Greater Boston.  Prickly only put out one proper album, Velleity, but had lots of songs that weren’t on it — I had some of these songs on their cassette demo, 14 Songs, and over the years acquired others from the band members themselves.  I posted sendspace links to these but these have long since expired, and every once in a while someone sends me e-mail asking if they can have the copies.

So thanks to Google Drive I think I can now share these in a more permanent way:

All the unreleased Prickly songs I have.

Here you will find:  14 Songs, which has terrible sound quality (I digitized it myself from a 15-year-old cassette) but some songs unavailable elsewhere; three radio sets, two from WMBR and one from WRIU (between-song banter included!) and two studio demos.  I didn’t include Velleity, but the songs on there are all here, in multiple versions.  I did include one released song, “All the Little Raisins,” from a compilation called Dreamboat on the now-defunct Cassiel Records, which I bought from a guy in the Netherlands and have otherwise never seen; so I feel safe in considering this song no longer a commercial product.  Also, a three-song EP from Cassiel, Winded.

Note:  I have gotten permission to post this stuff from the three out of four members of Prickly I was able to track down, and from Tim Alborn, who originally put out their records on Harriet.

I think this is pretty much the closest thing to a Prickly box set you’re ever gonna get, so enjoy, fellow old-time indie-pop fans!

If there actually were a box set of unreleased Prickly rarities, you’d pretty much have to take the title from the lyrics of their single “Breakfast of Champions” and call it Holed Up In The Can.

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