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Reader survey: writers and their baseball teams (also Joan Jett)

Almost World Series time!  I’m supporting the Giants — I still feel low about the title Bonds and the Giants should have won in 2002, and while Bonds is gone, my affection for his team remains.  Also, the Giants have more ex-Orioles.

I was just reading about Marianne Moore and the Dodgers and wondering what else we know about writers and the baseball teams they loved.  Offhand, besides Moore, I can think of

  • Delmore Schwartz:  Giants
  • Don DeLillo:  Yankees
  • Stephen King:  Red Sox

As for the Orioles, I’m not sure.  Tom Clancy owns a piece of the team but I don’t know whether he has a rooting interest.  Joan Jett likes us!

Baltimore Orioles:
I follow them everyday. If I could watch them everyday I would. I call Sports Phone every 10 minutes when the Orioles play whether I’m on the road or at home. I’m following them very closely as always. It seems like every time I write about them in a song they do well. Bad Reputation was dedicated to the Orioles and they did well in 1979. On Notorious, in the song, “I Want You” there’s a lyric that says “I want to go and see the O’s never lose.” I want to go to Baltimore sometime this year and see the new stadium.

Theme song to the greatest television program ever aired and dedicated to the Orioles?  Sometimes the world is too good.

Anyway, please contribute your literary baseball fans (or baseball-loving rock icons) in the comments.

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