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The man whose salary was O(log log X)

From “Freaky Fortnight,” Slate’s series on a man and wife trading jobs for a week:

My job doesn’t pay as well as those of my doctor, lawyer, or banking friends.  At 36, I’ve seen my income rise slowly like an overloaded C-2 cargo plane while their salaries take these nice, logarithmic leaps.

I thought this was an isolated occurrence, but the practice seems to be spreading factorially.

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Astonishing, logarithmic

Sometimes I wish people would stop saying “exponential” when they just mean “fast” or “a lot.”  Be careful what you wish for.  From Benjamin F. Carlson in the Atlantic:

A Quantum Leap, marvels Simon Rogers at The Guardian in a post that graphs Bolt’s astonishing, logarithmic rise in speed.

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