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In which we hit the big (blog) time on Eating in Madison A to Z

A few weeks ago Mrs. Q, CJ, and I had the great pleasure of eating dinner with Nichole and JM, the alphabetically omnivorous proprietors of Eating in Madison A to Z. Their report on our meal at Oaxacan newcomer La Mestiza is up now. I stand by it, except for one thing — they call the pickled vegetables “delightfully hot” while I would go with something more like “too spicy for anyone who orders their Thai food medium or below.”

Another nice feature of their review: it taught me the word molcajete. I think of myself as a man who knows his guacamole, but this was new vocab for me.

I’ll be reading the rest of the “La”s carefully — I still haven’t found a real standout Mexican restaurant in Madison, though Tacqueria El Pastor is certainly satisfactory.

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