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Link roundup, June 2008

  • You can type any word into JustTheWord and get statistics, drawn from the 100-million-word British National Corpus, about which words appear most frequently in combination with the word you chose. What noun would you expect to follow “striking” most frequently? I guessed “contrast” but in fact that’s in third place, behind “feature” and “example.”
  • I Am Neurotic collects tics, quirks, and undesired thoughts sent in by readers, e.g.

    I can’t stand drying my hands with any kind of towel if only one hand is wet. I have to purposefully make the other hand wet and then dry them both at the same time, because the feeling of one dry hand rubbing against a towel makes me want to hurl.

    Compulsively readable.

  • Some days you just feel there’s nothing new under the sun, and human ingenuity has been exhausted. If you’re having that kind of day, gaze in awe upon the hamburger made of ground bacon. The mind unfettered by convention is a glorious thing.
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