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Show report: New Pornographers at the Orpheum

New Pornographers played the Orpheum last night.

  • Boston’s “Foreplay” on the sound system before the band comes on.  Comes off as witty.
  • On the records Dan Bejar’s singing doesn’t stand out as much as it does live.  Something about the way he approaches the microphone makes him look like he’s always about to rap rather than sing.  Bejar leaves the stage during the songs he’s not singing.  This seems churlish to me.  He couldn’t just stand there and bang a tambourine on his hip?
  • “My Slow Descent into Alcoholism,” the best song they ever wrote — probably my favorite song anybody released last decade — appears in the encore.  It is great, but all live versions lack the precision which is part of the glory of the studio version — precision married to absolutely unmoderated rocking-out-ness.  See: 
  • Kathryn Calder, once an occasional vocal stand-in for Neko Case, is now a full member of the band, playing keyboards and singing backup.  Both facially and in manner she reminds me very powerfully of Doris Finsecker.



  • Show ends with “Testament to Youth in Verse.”  Openers the Dodos come on stage, everybody’s singing the big “no no no…” at the end of the song, swaying, waving goodbye, drinking beers.  The cellist in the back picks up a saxophone.  It’s an almost exact replica of the credit sequence of Saturday Night Live. On purpose?
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Madison retail, red in tooth and claw

People are nice in Wisconsin, right? Right, but business is business. My local bike shop, Budget Bicycle Center, filed a complaint in 2005 againt Williamson Bicycle Works, for registering the domain name budgetbicycleworks.com and redirecting it to willybikes.com. The National Arbitration Forum denied the complaint:

The panel finds that Complainant has not proved its case in that while the domain names are confusingly similar to a mark in which Complainant has rights, it has failed to establish that the use of the domain names made by Respondent was without legitimate interest and in bad faith.

And in 2007, Budget Bicycle Center still doesn’t have its own website.

Meanwhile, the owner of the State Street restaurant/theater The Orpheum was caught last month keying the car of his former partner, now competitor, who operates Crave around the block. (Warning: Crave’s website automatically plays music when opened, which to my mind is more than enough justification for keying the proprietor’s car.)

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