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Where are the Filipino restaurants?

I read an intriguing description of pansit luglug in the Oxford Companion to Food today, part of the short article “Noodles of the Phillipines”:

This [noodles in a shrimp-based sauce] may then be garnished with flaked smoked fish, crumbled pork crackling, sliced kamias, sliced hard-boiled eggs, and calamansi halves, then garnished with fish sauce.

And it made me wonder — why have I never been to a Filipino restaurant?  According to the 2000 Census the U.S. Asian population is 19.9% Filipino — there are more Filipinos in the U.S. then there are Koreans, or Japanese, or Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis put together.  So why I have I never even heard of a place where I can get pansit luglug?

Obviously, Filipino restaurants exist — Google turns up a handful in Chicago, and there are plenty in LA.  But I want a superficially convincing sociological explanation for their rarity.  Readers?

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