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CJ asks the hard questions about The Wizard of Oz

CJ is listening to The Wizard of Oz on tape.  This morning he asked me:

“I understand why the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman don’t poop, but why don’t Dorothy, Toto, and the lion poop?”

“Why do you think they don’t poop?”

“They don’t mention them pooping, but they do mention them eating.”

I had to admit this was a good point.  I explained that in a book the author doesn’t have to mention every single thing a character does, especially things that don’t really affect the story.  CJ seemed satisfied with this.

Then about a minute later:

“In the movie do they poop?”


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In which it seems elementary school is much as I remember it

CJ grabs his left thumb in his right fist and tugs his thumb straight down.

“What are you doing?”

“A kid on the bus told me this is sign language for poop.”

The best part is, the kid was right.

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