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I guess Caffe 608 was in trouble

Eight years after I wondered whether the arthouse cinema / cafe in Hilldale could really make a go of it, Sundance 608 is getting bought out by AMC.  I have really come to like this weird little sort-of-arthouse and hope it doesn’t change too much under new management.  It’s a sign of my age, I guess, that I still think of “movie at the mall” as an entertainment option I want to exist.  It’s my Lindy Hop, my vaudeville, my Show of Shows.

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Thursday is your last chance to see Anvil! The Story of Anvil in Madison

While we’re talking about watching rock music and getting choked up, I ought to mention that Anvil!  The Story of Anvil is finishing its limited engagement at Sundance 608 on Thursday, September 24.  It’s a movie about perseverance; more precisely, how to tell the difference between perseverance and stupid, life-ruining stubbornness, and how to stay just on the right side of the line.  Also about heavy metal.  But you don’t have to care about heavy metal.  This might be the best movie of the year.

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“Is Caffe 608 in trouble?” revisited.

A year and a half ago I wondered whether Caffe 608 in Sundance Cinema was in danger of closing.  I came in this morning after an absence of about six months only to find that they’re no longer selling their delicious breakfast sandwiches, and that the formerly all-arthouse multiplex is now showing Angels and Demons and The Hangover alongside the usual Sundanciana like The Brothers Bloom and The Lemon Tree. This actually makes me feel better, not worse, about their prospects.  If Angels and Demons keeps the place afloat, then bring on Angels and Demons.  I hope it’s a really massive hit and they bring the breakfast sandwiches back.

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