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Mountain Goats have sold out the High Noon

Nothing ever sells out here. I’m proud of Madison. And looking forward to the start of the show.

Update. Home from the show.  A few notes.

  • JD is an interesting guitar player but a boring piano player.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen him play with a full band since, I dunno, 2004?  I like the rocking-out full-band Mountain Goats better than the hushed one-guy-with-guitar Mountain Goats.  But best of all I like the rocking-out one-guy-with-guitar Mountain Goats.
  • So I have a theory that the correct way to listen to Mountain Goats music is not to play the record, or to see him perform, but to play the songs on guitar in your room by yourself.  Given this you’d think I’d approve of the many people singing along at this show, but I did not.  It was annoying.
  • John Darnielle and Persi Diaconis do the same oversized “I’ve won this crowd over” grin.
  • Opener was Final Fantasy, kind of like Andrew Bird if instead of one guy he was two guys.  Violin guy Owen Pallett backed up JD for a sort of great pizzicatified “Going to Bristol,” the only old number on the setlist.
  • Songs I thought I might hear and was sad not to hear:  “Palmcorder Yajna,” “The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton.”  Songs I knew I wouldn’t hear:  “Sinaloan Milk Snake Song.”  “Deianara Crush.”  “The Monkey Song.” “Going to Marrakesh.”
  • Looking through the Wikipedia Mountain Goats pages I’m amused to find my own name, credited with translating the Swedish phrases in the liner notes to Sweden.  I didn’t translate them but I did get them translated, by the Swedish guy who ran the Calla Lily Cafe, where Cathy O’Neil and I used to study Milne’s article on abelian varieties every morning when we were in grad school.
  • I was going to link to a Mountain Goats track here, but something he played made me think of another song I really love: “Radio Silence,” the single from Soviet rock god Boris Grebenshikov’s unsuccessful 1989 attempt to break into the English-language alternative pop market.  He should have made it!
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Baseball like it oughta be

I’m jealous that Tom and Mack were at OP@CY in person today to to see the Orioles’ crazy comeback victory, which ended when Nolan Reimold socked a three-run homer in the 11th for the gwaribbie.  I was going to post that he was already the best Nolan in Oriole history, but when I looked it up, I realized that Joe Nolan was actually not bad!

CJ and I also saw some baseball today  — “Baseball Like It Oughta Be,” as the sign says over the Duck Pond, home of the Madison Mallards.  The Mallards played an exhibition game against Sweden’s national side, in a slight drizzle in front of a few hundred fans.  Jordan Hershiser, son of Orel, started for the Mallards.  He walked the first two Swedes; the next batter bunted to third, the throw sailed past the first baseman, and somehow both runners scored.  It was a lot like Atari baseball.  Even more so in the bottom frame, in which the Mallards batted around and scored 8 runs on 5 hits and 3 HBP, including two straight with the bases loaded.  Not much risk of Sweden taking baseball bragging rights from the current champs of the blonde part of Europe.

CJ still hasn’t grasped the rules of baseball but he liked when the umpire yelled “Strike!” And nachos.  He liked the nachos. Mostly he followed the progress of Maynard and Millie Mallard around the stadium, shouting “Go Mallards!” whenever one of them came near enough for a fist bump.

Millie Mallard has a green head, by the way.  I don’t know much about ducks, but I know that means Millie’s a man.  Who cares what the Wisconsin constitution says?  This is gay marriage like it oughta be — encased in a big padded suit and dancing, carefree, on the dugout.

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