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Turkey burgers, gazpacho, Paul Robeson

It’s hard to make a turkey burger taste good. You kind of need to season the hell out of it. We mixed a pound of ground turkey with a minced half-onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, an egg, and — CJ’s idea — 1/2 tsp each cinnamon and cumin.  Kind of a turkofta.  Onions keep it from getting dry, spices keep it from getting bland.  I blog it in order to remember it.

In other news, this New York Times gazpacho smoothie is ace and we’ve been making it three times a week.  The suggested pecorino crackers are too salty and unnecessary.

We’re in the heart of tomato season now and I’m buying about 10 lb a week.  Did you know there was a Paul Robeson tomato?  Once you sang on Broadway and battled for civil rights, Paul Robeson.  Now you are in my smoothie.

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Linkdump, September 2008

  • If you’re tired of politics, relax and enjoy the glory that is the Muppet Show theme song in Hebrew (.mp3 link) courtesy of WFMU.
  • Or if you’re tired of politics but want to let out your aggression instead of relaxing, listen to the amazing John Peel Punk Rock Special from December 10, 1976, featuring in-studio performances from the Damned, at Infonistacrat. The Peel Session versions of “Neat Neat Neat” (.mp3) and “New Rose”, which I’ve had since I was 16 on an ancient cassettte mix with most of Ramonesmania, are as close to perfect as punk ever got. (To be fair, it mostly wasn’t trying.)
  • Finally: I bought a lot of tomatoes this week. Here they are.
tomatoes on table

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