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Reader survey: do you wear a watch?

Blogging from the Detroit airport, where I just read this surprising assertion by Patricia Marx in the New Yorker:

“I don’t think I know anyone under thirty who admits to habitually strapping on a watch.”

(Aside: kudos to the split infinitive here, annoying to the wrongly fussy but so much better than the officially approved “to the habitual strapping on of a watch,” or, lord help us, “habitual strap-on.”. Of course the whole difficulty could have been avoided by removing the needless “admits to.”)

Now I myself went years without wearing a watch. And it seemed to me this made me a weird and constantly inconvenienced exception. Urban spacetime is designed under the assumption that you’re wearing a watch. And are carrying a phone. Five years ago I dropped my dopey nonconformist principles and got one of each.

But: I have just carried out a visual survey of the Northwest terminal, and indeed, less than half the people I can see are wearing watches. And the watch-wearers skew old. Is Patricia Marx right? Have I been — how embarrassing!– beaten to a fashion shift by the New Yorker? Under-thirty readers, do you wear a watch?

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