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Reader survey: what do you look for in a WordPress theme?

I’ve been thinking about changing the theme of this blog.  But I realize that I have very little knowledge about blog design.  Some things I thought I might like:

  • A serif text font instead of the sans serif I use now;
  • A wider design that keeps the sidebar a little farther from the main text;
  • Something whose quote format doesn’t involve a giganto quotation mark.

But you are the people reading this, so your opinions matter more than mine!  Are serif fonts indeed more reasonable?  Is wider better or worse?  (I keep the browser window very wide, like a screen, but for all I know, maybe people use the aspect ratio of a piece of paper.)  Am I right that it’s completely unacceptable for only excerpts from the post to appear on the front page?

Feel free to suggest specific themes or general design principles.  I just want to be presentable!

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