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Orioles go to the World Series

Quick update to Orioles in the Postseason!: there aren’t many ex-O’s left on the field. But here’s my fantasy — the Series goes to game 7. Game goes to 13 innings. Bullpens depleted on both sides, and finally the championship of the world comes down to Mike Timlin versus LaTroy Hawkins, each trying to hold it together long enough to let the other one blow the game. That would be a good Orioles moment!

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At least it’s not Royals-Reds

This year’s baseball postseason has to be counted as disastrous if you’re in the television industry. First of all, three of the four divisional series were finished in the minimum three games, with one going four. The NLCS went the minimum four games, and the Indians now lead the Red Sox 3 games to 1. That means that if Cleveland wins tomorrow, the total number of games in all six playoff series so far will be just 2 over the minimum.

But it gets worse: the team from the smaller TV market has won all five completed playoff series.  Using the 2004 table of top television markets here (scroll down) we have Cleveland (16) over New York (1), Boston (5) over Los Angeles (2), Phoenix (14) over Chicago (3), and Denver (18) over Philadelphia (4). Then the Rockies cruised by the Diamondbacks, and if the Indians can manage one more win from their two aces, we’ll see a World Series between the two smallest markets in the playoffs.

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My postseason preferences

For those who care, here are the teams playing in the postseason, ranked in order of my desire for them to win the World Series, most to least.

  1. Phillies
  2. Indians
  3. Cubs
  4. Red Sox
  5. Rockies
  6. Diamondbacks
  7. Angels
  8. Yankees

The Phillies and Indians because they both, in recent memory, lost World Series I very badly wanted them to win. And because the Phillies, despite the existence of the Nationals, still feel to me like the Orioles’ “National League counterpart.” The Yankees last because they’re the Yankees. The Red Sox behind the Cubs because the Red Sox are the new Yankees, but in the upper divison because they’re not the old Yankees. Rox, Snakes, and Halos essentially tied, with Colorado getting the slight nod due to my love for the imperturbable Rodrigo Lopez.

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