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Fine, boil the kid in its own mother’s milk, but use OSHA-approved gloves — that vat is hot!

From the always interesting Zeek, an interview with Rabbi Morris Allen. Allen believes that in addition to the usual hechsher (for non-Jews, the little “K” or “U” on a food package that identifies it as kosher) we ought to have a new symbol, a hechsher tzedek, certifying that the food in question was produced in accordance with Jewish law concerning treatment of workers by employees. (“Tzedek” is Hebrew for “justice” or “righteousness.”) Allen’s campaign was partly inspired by labor troubles and animal-rights protests at Agriprocessors, the largest kosher meat producer in the United States.

Agriprocessors has attracted hundreds of Hasidim to its headquarters in Postville, IA, which I’m guessing was previously a relatively low-Hasidic-density part of the world. The story of the resulting low-grade culture war is told in Stephen Bloom’s reportedly great book Postville.

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